The residential property market is in trouble!

If Kate Faulkner advises “The residential property market is in trouble!”, it genuinely must be in trouble!

I’m saying the primary reason why it’s in trouble is not entirely to do with:

1. Insufficient numbers of houses existing in the overall pool of built properties in the whole country.
2. A general lack of money-raising ability amongst individuals wanting to start owning or just moving to larger properties.

Instead it IS to do with the way that sales of houses and purchases are being transacted – and the price-levels being raised by the existing worn-out methods of marketing.

If these methods were updated and improved, things would be far less stressful out there – for everyone.

What we urgently need right now, even more than someone magically building tens of thousands of new homes, (which by the way is impossible in the short term – even for Nick Knowles) is … we need a big upgrade in the way houses are marketed.

If this was achieved, and it could be in a very short timescale, the relief and help available to everyone needing roofs over their heads would be simply astonishing.

If our elected government can see this they could change the performance of the whole UK housing market for the better in the short term and this would be a guaranteed way of their ensuring that they’ll get re-elected at the next General Election (and probably several elections to come)!

For more information on the best and only way to deal with the current housing market problems (including helping countless numbers of households achieve better housing), please refer to the previously written “Hendry Solution”.

My proposal for the way housing in England and Wales should be marketed, is based on changing from vendor-centric estate agencies to buyer-oriented ones as described in The Hendry Solution. This would not cost much to implement and would bring massive benefits to all local marketplaces.

To read more about The Hendry Solution go to the following link:

Improve The Housing Market.
How to Improve the UK Housing Market.

Peter Hendry, Consultant in Housing Valuation

About Peter Hendry

The Hendry Solution is his new open market technique for equalising buy and sell prices within all markets. It was originally conceived to correct the anomalies plaguing the UK housing marketplace. The time to take corrective action is right now, although such action is also somewhat overdue. I would welcome sharing your thoughts on aspects of these new proposals using this blog site.

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