The Hendry Hypothesis and Solution

“The Way to achieve free, civilised and secure trading within the housing market of England and Wales.”

Building sufficient houses to have enough of an effect would take years therefore, by definition, other remedies will be needed.

This hypothesis/solution, as well as stepping up the rate of construction of new houses as a side effect, proposes to retune the housing market itself.

If this hypothesis were to be implemented the effect on house price re-calibration would be swift, fair and effective.

The result would be more houses being brought within the reach of those whom cannot currently afford to buy their own houses to occupy. The knock-on effect of this would be to stimulate the building of more houses to meet the extra demand arising from it.

For more information on how The Hendry Hypothesis proposes to retune the housing market itself please now go to: ‘The House Price Virtuoso Solution’

The House Price Virtuoso Solution.

How to best improve the Housing Market in England and Wales.

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About Peter Hendry

The House Price Virtuoso Solution (previously The Hendry Solution), is his new open market technique for equalising buy and sell prices within all markets. It has been originally conceived to correct the anomalies plaguing the UK housing marketplace as a whole. The time to take corrective action is right now, although it might be said such action is also somewhat overdue. I would, of course, welcome sharing your thoughts on aspects of these new proposals using this blog site. To clarify things, as far as my own political persuasion is concerned, when I go to vote at a General Election I am not obliged to say how I have voted and so I am not going to announce what my present political persuasion might be anywhere on these pages either.

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