An appeal for fresh ideas for bringing the housing sector back to life anew

It’s good to know that there is about to be an incremental lifting of the lock-down arrangements regarding house marketing provided; of course, the virus is able to be stopped from spreading.

However, what is also essential for the efficient operation of local housing markets particularly across England and Wales is a carefully considered review of the methods of operation of these markets. The low level of transactions or housing completions prior to the Coronavirus outbreak coupled with the extremely high asking prices being quoted are both testimony to this fact. Surely we as a nation, would not like to go back to how things were but instead would like to forge a new normal for housing provision in the UK – and possibly even beyond.

As others have said quite recently, it is evident that the English and Welsh legal conveyancing process should build on lessons which have been learnt by others globally.

For example, the energy performance-grading of houses (previous know as EPCs but dropped under a previous administration), together with single standard survey reports and complete property log books are some of the new tools which could be developed for getting sales flowing once again. There must be other measures worth considering too.

Among other considerations, I’m advocating a complete overhaul of the way in which houses are initially searched for both by buyers and prospective tenants.

For full details of this root and branch marketing change please visit the link below:

The House Price Virtuoso Solution: Full details of our proposals for properly reforming all housing markets in England and Wales.

I’d be interested in constructive comments to this or the above from those who may be especially unhappy about the current way that agents go about making sales and lettings.

Change for the better is now overdue but it also has to be both a valid and a meaningful change – not a tinkering about at the margins exercise.

I’ve been putting forward my proposals for a while now, having worked across most areas of the property sector over a 30+ years career within it. If others in the estates sector generally have thoughts about how things could be improved I would like to hear from them. I believe that there are those within the estate agency industry whom ought to be able to table innovative and workable suggestions if they are able to speak out about this.

Posted by: Peter Hendry
Author of:– The House Price Virtuoso Solution

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