To bring back Right To Buy would be nonsense

The latest government idea of bringing back Right To Buy would be complete nonsense. That was a has-been policy and ultimately, it failed rather spectacularly.

For the correct and current way to deal with this crisis simply search on The House Price Solution. This is what would restore the housing markets to rude health at long last. Here is the reasoning in brief.

The economic pulse of the whole planet is something that ought to be monitored most carefully. Far more carefully in fact than it has been in the past.

The place to best monitor the inherent fluctuations of the World’s economy is to monitor prices in the land and property markets.

If our country’s government wishes to act to regulate or to restrict and control the scope of the fluctuations we are experiencing for the common advantage, it ought to apply carefully considered regulation to the land and property markets across our country.

In a similar way, those who will want to capitalise out of surging prices in these markets will want such regulation to be ineffective and limited in scope.

The phenomena of surging land and property prices in repeating cycles has been notable, especially at times such as for example after the last World War and in the 50’s and 60’s, then the 80’s. Following that the 90’s when another inflationary spurt occurred, then again at the dawn of The Millennium and roughy in cycles every 7 to 10 years since then.

Low and behold, now, in 2022, there is yet another property prices spike materialising.

At each of these times, all our legitimate businesses have to negotiate the treacherous waters around such price spikes whilst at the very same time the less savoury elements will be actively taking profits and drinking from the same trough as those carrying out legitimate businesses. Those charged with governing our land and keeping our economy stable are necessarily having to work to resolve these issues.

At times like these, the only salvation for our souls would be if government were to regulate our economy actively, successfully and effectively for the benefit of fair-minded citizens.

At such times as these there will be battles between stable, fair-minded people and those wishing to cash in on whatever gains they can possibly cash in on.

It rather looks as if this time, the amount of necessary regulation and control by government which has been applied was too little, too late. Interest rates (which they can and should control), have been held low for much too long. As a result we are now in uncharted waters and at risk of being tossed around by the volatile rising tide and surging waters of inflationary change.

For anyone who is aware of what is currently happening I would say just “Hold on to your hats.” Only borrow what you are certain you will be able to repay. The meaning of this advice however, is similar to that of an expert looking into a multi-faceted piece of jewellery and trying, to the best of their ability, to assess its current value!

For this reason I advocate a complete reorganisation of the way in which houses are bought, sold and rented in this country. This is long overdue.

The right formula for such a reorganisation is what now needs to be arrived at and I am confident that the formula for change which I am presenting here is not only worthy of careful scrutiny but is a correct formula and is the exact formula that is overdue for adoption.

The explanation of how to resolve accelerating house prices begins here. You can read all about these fresh new proposals at the following link:

The House Price Solution

How to Improve all local housing markets in England and Wales

Anybody who agrees with this should be challenging their local MP to properly examine this and get it fully and properly debated in The House of Commons without further delay.

Posted by: Peter Hendry, Housing Valuation Consultant
Author of:– The House Price Solution otherwise known as The Hendry Solution.

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