Any political party adopting this policy would certainly gain a great number of extra votes

This policy and its proposed solution deals with resolving the house price crisis badly affecting all areas of Britain currently.

An average home costs a whopping 8 times the average annual salary in the UK, despite borrowing now being capped at 4 1/2 times annual income currently.

It is time the scarce resource of residential land and buildings should be determined democratically by those living nearby for a change.

The housing market in St Ives Cornwall as one example, needs recalibrating to allow local buyers a far better chance to purchase or even rent for owner occupation.

Fairer marketing, allowing more local purchasers’ offers due consideration is the first step, combined with locally determined and stronger Neighbourhood Development Plans with strictly defined residential planning uses, which should be brought in and overseen entirely by The Town Council rather than by the unitary authority.

I encourage towns and parishes like St Ives, Whitby, and many others suffering in this crisis, to look into these possibilities and debate adopting such proposals. If a national campaign along such grounds as these were to gather momentum, there is no limit to what could be done to resolve the current crisis relating to the price of basic housing.

The proposals which have been set out are designed to resolve the housing crisis in Britain if enough support was initiated. I suggest that the debate should be taken direct to the very top of the government of our country as being the way to resolve what has now become a national crisis.

Anyone may add their own comments to this blog if they wish to, whether in support, or otherwise.

For more on this please follow the link below:

The house price affordability crisis

Posted by: Peter Hendry, Housing Valuation Consultant

Author of:– The House Price Solution, otherwise known as The Hendry Solution.

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