The correct way to resolve the crisis in the British housing markets

The correct way to resolve the crisis in the British housing markets is being blocked by the raft of confused political thinking in Westminster.

For example it’s no good just trying to help some people, by making larger loans to them!

It’s all too easy to let bank loans cause house prices to rise and give the illusion of good times for all, when in actual fact houses are simply becoming less and less affordable by the majority. This will naturally damage the various local housing markets to varying degrees.

The government is doing itself no favours by pursuing such policies at a time when many people, especially the younger generations, hope for a reasonable prospect of achieving owner-occupation at price-levels which are affordable and to be able to find houses in sufficient quantity to satisfy the projected increasing level of demand.

There is a gauche political will not to enable this, appearing through a mist of confusion like a giant iceberg floating in the path of those wishing and needing to make something of their lives. The course most young people would prefer to steer is not to be tethered to an ever increasing financial commitment that saps away the creativity they are born with. Instead the seek to steer a course destined to bring fruit to all of our lives, right across society.

Stifling the nascent creativity of the young in this way is a totally inappropriate thing to do. 

If those in Parliament cannot see this is happening on their watch so to speak, then everyone will suffer, including the politicians entrusted with bringing us a brighter future rather than a much bleaker one.

The correct way to resolve the crisis in the British housing markets is plainly to lower the cost of housing whilst increasing its supply in an orderly and environmentally considered way.

Some of you reading this may well be of the view that reducing house prices would be practically impossible but I say this is wrong. My surveying experience tells me there are ample opportunities for less profit to be taken by several of the participants involved in the process of supplying more housing in this country, not least in land prices which are actually geared directly to house prices themselves.

For the exact way such a refreshing change might be achieved please see the methodology set out in:

The House Price Virtuoso Solution

How to Improve Housing Markets in England and Wales.

What do you think about this idea for drastically improving the operation of all housing markets in Britain?

Constructive comments are very much welcomed.

Posted by: Peter Hendry, Housing Valuation Consultant

Author:– The House Price Virtuoso Solution