About Peter Hendry

I have carried out house surveys on behalf of house buyers for over thirty years, providing detailed advice both from a structural viewpoint and from a valuation one, having qualified and begun my professional career in the mid seventies.

I no longer do this these days and instead am publishing my analysis of the difficulties in the whole housing market and how these difficulties could be massively improved for the benefit of all home owners especially those in the process of buying or selling.

These pages provide the information needed to make sense of what is, these days, a highly disorganised housing marketplace and to understand where the problems themselves arise when buying and selling residential property throughout the UK.

This web site also explains what could be done to significantly improve the methods for selling. It includes ways of making market-relevant offers on properties that buyers might want to purchase and which would be successful in enabling them to move to the houses they hope to buy with less delay, less uncertainty and less disappointment.

As a retired surveyor my aim is to help those in both urban and rural settings to achieve their goals, as far as property and property related matters are concerned. I am able to use my knowledge of property and property pricing, to suggest the vital changes which are necessary to achieve a better residential property market in all areas of the country.

My particular expertise is specifically in the area of residential property management and valuation.

This has been a constant interest of mine since my initial training, working in a large London property organisation where we were involved in acquisition, disposal and management of property holdings and ending with my qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor in 1974. Wide-ranging experience was later gained in a diverse selection of property-related work for well known private companies but while doing that, surveying houses for individual buyers requesting my help also became a frequent secondary occupation.

What I learned in those years suggests we should be bold with change! We should embrace ideas that would allow everyone to live better lives and in so doing we should enjoy fulfilment of what this would bring in the process.

The objective of this web site is to explain the important changes we all ought to seriously campaign for in relation to house ownership and which can help people to gain themselves a place to truly call their own.

The House Price Solution (otherwise known as The Hendry Solution), is my proposed change for making all buy and sell price-levels relate, especially within their own regional housing markets. I have conceived this method to solve the anomalies plaguing the whole UK housing marketplace. Although the housing market is viewed in general as being one single entity, in point of fact it actually operates best as a series of local marketplaces.

My proposal to change the way houses are bought and sold across the UK is a completely new idea. It uses my expertise, as a retired surveyor and valuer to explain, in full detail, a better way to distribute housing nationally. It still uses a price-orientated marketplace but one that would be more inclusive of those living within each local community.

I hope you enjoy looking through this information.

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