About Peter Hendry

I have carried out surveys of houses on behalf of buyers for over thirty years, providing detailed advice both from a structural viewpoint and from a valuation one beginning in the mid seventies.

Today, I no longer do this but instead have published my analysis of the whole housing market and how it might be improved for the benefit of all owners, whether they are buying or selling.

These pages provide the information needed to make sense of what, these days, is a chaotic housing marketplace and to understand where the problem areas are causing difficulty in buying and selling residential property within the UK.

These pages also explain what could be done to significantly improve the methods for selling and which are currently available. This includes ways of making successful offers on properties that buyers might want to purchase so that they may more successfully move to the houses they hope to buy with less delay, less uncertainty and less disappointment.

As a surveyor I’m in favour of helping society in general, whether urban or rural, to become more inclusive, more understanding and less self-centred, as far as property and property related matters are concerned.

When you look at things broadly, we ALL need one another. Whether or not we know it, we need to rely upon one another for our own survival in society.

I am using these parameters, combined with my knowledge of property and property pricing, to suggest the changes which are most necessary to achieve a better residential property market in all areas of the country.

My particular expertise is in the area of residential property management and valuation.

It’s been a constant interest of mine since my initial training with a London Borough ending with becoming a Chartered Surveyor in 1974. Wide-ranging experience was subsequently gained in a selection of property-related work for well known companies whilst beginning what became a constant source of extra work surveying houses for individual buyers known to me.

What I have learned is telling me we should be bold with change! We should embrace ideas that would allow everyone to live better lives and we could then enjoy fulfilment of what this would bring in the process.

My Web Log is intended to explain the important changes we ought to seriously campaign for in relation to house ownership and for having a place to call your own. The effect would be to help, rather than hinder, the development of a better more inclusive society, both in terms of urban and rural lifestyles.

The House Price Virtuoso Solution (otherwise known as The Hendry Solution), is my proposed change for making all buy and sell price-levels relate, especially within their own regional housing markets. I have conceived this method to solve the anomalies plaguing the whole UK housing marketplace. It does not operate as one single marketplace yet it is usually viewed as one great entity.

I hope you enjoy this blog.