Why we are Here?

The House Price Solution (otherwise known as The Hendry Solution), is a new open market technique, for equalising buy and sell prices for those moving house within the UK.

This improvement is designed to equalise the negotiating powers of buyers and sellers in all local housing markets, to allow fair market prices to prevail all the time.

This way, sales and purchases can be more swiftly accomplished and the housing markets can become truly efficient places in which to conduct house sales and purchase transactions.

The markets can then work optimally for friends, families and strangers alike, as and when that should be necessary.

Housing markets up and down the country need a completely new ‘plot’ right now if they are to work properly. Having worked in the sector as a surveyor since the 70’s, I have come to realise precisely what is going wrong and the method by which housing markets across the whole country could be massively improved.

I became qualified in General Practice (RICS) in 1974 (my speciality being valuation) and I have gained wide-ranging experience since that time, particularly in issues surrounding residential property valuation and also house marketing.

I have researched what improvements ought to be made to the operation of local housing markets across England and Wales after observing the house-price stagnation of 1969, the hyper-inflation that followed in 1972 and the following and successive cyclical house-price booms leading, of course, to a prolonged house-price growth and then the sudden stagnation following the 2008 global financial crisis – from which we have not yet fully recovered.

This has resulted in a severe reduction in sales volumes for a significant number of years and it still affects most local housing markets to this day.

I argue that the continuing stagnation in market activity, coupled with the general lack of affordability following that financial crash, could be substantially ameliorated if my proposals were debated and the resulting conclusions from that were then implemented.

No longer being a member of RICS has allowed me to progress developing new ideas to resolve the repeating housing crises. Doing this has required some completely independent thought processes of course.

I have now finalised them. They are designed to resolve both existing and subsequent housing market price crises. They deal with the underlying reasons causing such crises to occur. I am publishing these online for general consumption and invite comments from all interested parties.

My aim in doing this is to bring about an effective and sustainable improvement in all housing markets, especially those in England and Wales. This is so that those of us requiring to utilise property, whether for rent or to own, may do so at reasonably affordable but at true open market rents and prices.

Without this, the present large-scale degree of unsatisfied demand for both houses to rent and to buy must continue. I would therefore invite constructive comment and suggestions both from individuals and corporations with an interest in rescuing all local housing markets throughout our formerly Great country.

The effect of not doing anything of significance to improve the buying and selling processes across all UK housing markets continues to have a de-stabilising effect on the whole of our nation’s economy, by causing a cyclical stagnation in house sales completion numbers. This is, of course, a very important and indeed substantial part of our economy and therefore it warrants full and careful economic and political consideration.

It is not too late to take corrective action, even though taking such action is probably considered by many to be well overdue.

I would welcome sharing your thoughts on aspects of these new and specific proposals using the Leave a Reply form below each article on this blog.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Hendry

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