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Despite the major economic indicators currently pointing downwards for house prices, inexplicably, they have still been rising recently!

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We, at improvethehousingmarket.co.uk have THE fix for this which we are now going public with.

The Hendry Solution explains how to use cutting edge methods to force house prices in England and Wales back down to levels of affordability which are suitable, not only for those wishing to become first time buyers but to all other home owners too. Rents for residential properties also desperately need to be more competitively priced within the marketplace.

Anyone interested in seeing this outcome take shape in the owner-occupier housing sector may read about the necessary methods for bringing this about right here:

The Hendry Solution: Full details of our proposals for properly reforming all housing markets in England and Wales.

The cost of implementing this fundamental change would be low and perfectly feasible.

The objective of this new market-making concept is to allow all buyers to buy their next homes at prices which are truly affordable and within reach.

The difficulty at present is that practically unrestricted lending for house purchases is damaging the housing market and ruining the opportunity for many of those whom are ready to buy and ready to make their purchasing commitments.

The price problem needs addressing this year but the government are the ones to have to instigate these required changes and until they do they cannot be introduced for the benefit of the majority.

Besides helping in this respect The Hendry Solution is also a way for those who have gained considerably from property price increases over the past 30 years or so, to pass some of this back to help those trying to climb onto the first rung of the property-owning ladder right now. The big win-win situation is, if everyone were to adopt this new policy, no-one would loose out financially.

Peter Hendry, Consultant in Housing Valuation

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Simply building more houses can’t solve the housing crisis

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Obviously we need to get more houses built, both for rent and to buy but developing this as a strategy for calming the housing market is not going to remedy the prices uplift which we have recently experienced. It cannot do that simply because building more can’t achieve anything for as long as the considerable time it would take to actually complete the building of the extra housing needed!

The market itself is in need of intervention and this does need the steady hand of an experienced government. One that can put effective policies into practice faster than the simple and well-thumbed ‘build more’ idea.

My solution is to overhaul the way in which houses are marketed, both for sale and to let by changing the way agents themselves operate.

A more market friendly method is needed so that house prices can be attuned more towards peoples ability to pay, with less of the speculative pricing by agents, whom currently act only for the vendor legally. It is this which needs urgent attention.

A more transparent housing market would not only take the froth out of asking prices but would have the added effect of calming rent levels too. For more information please go to the link below:

My proposal for the way housing in England and Wales should be marketed, is based on changing from vendor-centric estate agencies to buyer-oriented ones as described in The Hendry Solution. This would not cost much to implement and would bring massive benefits to all local marketplaces.

To read more about The Hendry Solution go to the following link:

Improve The Housing Market.
How to Improve the UK Housing Market.

Peter Hendry, Consultant in Housing Valuation

The best way to manage rising house price tendencies in the UK

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The best way to manage rising house prices tendencies in the UK

Are there no agents bothered about the current house price levels? No, probably not and I’m not surprised, as they are mainly interested in getting the best price possible on each individual sale and in earning themselves commission based largely on this!

The government idea of taxing rising house prices by way of Stamp Duty may well scoop extra funds for the treasury but it can’t deal with the underlying market difficulties which beset the UK housing market. The problem is that nowadays, being able to simultaneously sell and also buy a house to move into is fast becoming a distant dream for more and more of us. Taxing all the transactions more won’t help if lending limits are simultaneously relaxed!

The only way to deal with this problem effectively would be to bring in agents that could act for each client both in selling their existing house and buying their next. Only in this way can price parity start to be achieved once again. It must be done by agents starting to advise their clients on relative value differences.

The old notion of estate agents simply having to get the best price possible is really only a partial business service for their client. It is no longer adequate in this modern and data-centric world of ours as most people go on to buy somewhere else to live following the sale of their existing property.

Price disparities abound nowadays and these will need to be swiftly resolved in order to get the rate of completed transactions increasing and thus to build-up public confidence in current market pricing, once again.

Sole agents simply selling houses for owners was, of course, a turn of the century idea, commenced in the wake of the last world wars. It is now long overdue for revision.

For this reason increasing the supply of properties to buy, by building relatively few new houses (percentage-wise), cannot deal with the current problem within the marketplace itself. This is because it’s a price-setting problem.

There are far better ways of dealing with the house-price crisis.
For more on this problem and for full arguments for a need for a change to estate agency law instead of this, please read:
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Posted by: Peter Hendry, Housing Valuation Consultant