We must face the housing affordability dilemma head on

Yes we must face the housing affordability dilemma head on.

We must very soon deal with the upcoming cost-of-living crisis in energy, fuel, food and housing which are the main essentials of increasing concern to those living on tight budgets in our newly independent country. Housing is the most expensive of these.

House prices have radically outpaced affordability at a time when western economies (both here and abroad), are on shaky ground. This clearly indicates that something is seriously wrong with the operation of our housing markets as far as house buying, selling, renting and letting is concerned.

If you agree with this then what follows is a considered assessment of how best to deal with this problem.

The explanation of how to resolve accelerating house prices begins at the following link

The House Price Solution

How to Improve all local housing markets in England and Wales

Posted by: Peter Hendry, Housing Valuation Consultant
Author of:– The House Price Solution otherwise known as The Hendry Solution.

House Prices v General Affordability:
We are able to offer consultancy services to government on this and other property-related matters.

The pages in this blog deal with the underlying reasons why the most troublesome housing affordability issue of our time has come into being over the years. It’s a marketing error not a national economic one and it is quite different from the old supply and demand argument which is generally trotted out by agents in an attempt to explain the matter away.

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