To relieve the housing crisis we need to introduce the correct solution to the actual problem

It’s no good, it’s time to react to the situation. We need clear thinking at a time of crisis. There’s no time to lose!

If we want to resolve the house price crisis (and by definition the housing crisis itself in doing so), we need to introduce the correct solution to the actual problem. 

Without insight, this is not going to happen. With such insight, it can.

Firstly, we need a complete change in the way houses are transferred from one owner to another. This would speed up house moving and restore price levels to the affordability levels of those most needing to purchase them.

Secondly, we need a new residential planning control system that gives the decision-making to elected local planning committees under a set of new democratically agreed Neighbourhood Development Plans.

In this way, local town administrations could zone each road (and even each existing property) for predetermined residential user types.

This way, supply of such property types could be balanced with future demand for such accommodation within each town and its hinterlands.

If both of these new policies were to be put into effect, the housing crisis could be swiftly and economically resolved – and local residents could move forward with the rest of their lives. These are bold new proposals worthy of proper debate which is thoroughly welcomed.

In peacetime (i.e. whilst our country is not at war with another), residential planning consents should be delegated to all local town or parish councils for them to determine, depending upon local housing need.

This way, genuinely democratic decisions may be arrived at using local decision-makers whom are best able to understand what the current needs of the community are at any particular time.

For more detail as to how these straightforward but game-changing solutions to the present housing crisis could be put into effect without delay, please follow the link below and by all means see the other information about this within these blog pages:

The house price affordability crisis

Posted by: Peter Hendry, Housing Valuation Consultant

Author of:– The House Price Solution, otherwise known as The Hendry Solution.

All we need are our forward-looking councillors to get together and vote for these changes!

If they really are genuinely representing their constituents, they will be keen to examine these new proposals, discuss their merits, and champion them for adoption soon. Nothing more need be said.